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Mene&Moy linija francuskih medicinskih hemijskih pilinga

Glycolic Masque

Since 1985, Romulo Mene, a Brazilian cosmetic surgeon, and Laurence Moy, an American dermatologist, have been lending their expertise to research into cutaneous ageing. Today, the fruit of their labours is embodied in the dynamic cosmetology range. A veritable alternative to surgery, the effectiveness of this program resides in the high concentration of the active ingredients used, notably stabilised vitamin C and glycolic acid which form the basis of each formula elaborated by Mene&Moy.

Mene & Moy is one of the leading French manufacturers of medical chemical peels. Glycolic Mask Mene& Moy is among the surface chemical peels. This mask reduces the stratum corneum and removes sebum from pilosebaceous follicles. Except taht, mask removes keratinocytes, reduces oily appearance of the treated area with its astringent effect.

Indications for Glicolyc Masque peel:

  • Oily and acne-prone skin
  • Increased sebum production
  • Enlarged pores
  • Regular face cleaning (care)
  • Preparation for any other peel program

  • Pregnancy

Glycolic Masque acne therapy is applied in a series of 4-5 treatments for two weeks, then the treatment is repeated as needed every few months to complete recovery.

When the Glycolic masque is applied as a hygienic treatment based on the type and the condition of said treatment is usually repeated once a month or once every two months.

The advantages of using this chemical peel is that it does not require prior preparation of the skin, treatment itself is short and takes about 15min, it does not cause irritation, redness and flaking skin. Glycolic Masque is completely safe for use in very young skin and is used in the treatment of acne in teenagers. For maximum results of peel combination with proper home care is recommended.