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Medical Skin Care Treatments

Medicinski tretmani lica

Medical skin care is an integral part of the dermatological treatment.

It is provided exclusively by the centers of professional medical care and involves different procedures of hydration, whitening, komedolysis, keratolysis, and stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers and intercellular substance.

Classic beauty treatments (conventional hygienic treatment ) include the application of heat procedure (mating skin with vapozone or thermal masks) for opening the pores, which damages the blood vessels and connective tissue of the skin. Treatment excludes comedo expression (mechanical cleaning) resulting in bruises, scars, hyper pigmentation and not to mention just how much the procedure was painful and unpleasant.

Medical treatments are highly effective, minimally unpleasant, can be performed during a break at work because they do not last longer than 30 minutes and most importantly, do not irritate the skin and after treatment, you can immediately return to their daily activities.

Medical treatments can be used with the most sensitive skin and skin with dilated capillaries because it does not involve the application of heat procedure. Its advantage compared to conventional hygienic treatment.

What medical facial is best for you depends on the type of your skin and the effect you want to achieve. Professional team SkinCare Center will be happy to help you choose the treatment that will best suit the needs of your skin and what you will achieve the best results.

The SkinCare Center provides treatments with currently the world’s leading brands in the field of medical skin care.