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Papillomas Removal

Uklanjanje papiloma

Removing papillomas

Papillomas are benign growths of skin color or pigmented, which is more common in obese persons on the neck, armpits, bikini area, area under the breasts and the abdomen. Papillomas are viral in origin so they rapidly spread on the skin. Infection with this virus is possible in direct contact. Time from the contact to appearance of papilloma is about 3 months. Papillomas, popularly known as the “hanging warts” can be mushroom or conical shape, size from 1 to 3 mm, normal skin color to dark brown. At the beginning just one papilloma occurs, but quickly comes to so-called autoinfection, and spreading, so a person can have over a hundred papillomas. To avoid spreading on ourselves, and on people around us, removal is recommended.

Cryotherapy is usually favoured as a method for removing papillomas because it is quick, painless, effective and financially advantageous, and the only method to remove papillomas and fibromas without leaving scars.

For cryotherapy papilloma removal is generally sufficient only one intervention.

The use of the most modern apparatus Brymill with different types of applicator allows application of the liquid nitrogen with a high precision, and without damage to the surrounding healthy skin.

SkinCare Center therapists have been trained in the application of cryotherapy in medical care and have Brymill certificate.