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Condylomas Removal

Uklanjanje kondiloma

Condylomas are the wart grows in the anogenital region of the viral origin and are also known as genital warts. They are spread through sexual contact and affects both men and women, but they were noticeable changes in women, while men are often just carriers.

The incubation period for genital warts is very dilatable, ranging from seven days up to a year and a half, which means that between risky sexual intercourse and getting infected can pass a year and a half.

Genital warts are removed by laser or radio wave, with the application of local anesthetic because it is a very painful therapy.

Cryotherapy is usually favoured as a method for removing condylomas because it is quick, painless, effective and financially advantageous.

For cryotherapy papilloma removal is generally sufficient only one intervention but facing the period of incubation, it is possible appearance of new lesions and therapy must be repeated. Regular removal of any new lesions, over time, leads to healing.

The use of the most modern apparatus Brymill with different types of applicator allows application of the liquid nitrogen with a high precision, and without damage to the surrounding healthy skin.
SkinCare Center therapists have been trained in the application of cryotherapy in medical care and have Brymill certificate.