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Triniti - tretman podmlađivanja kože

Revolutionary three steps skin rejuvenation uses elōs technology that combines optical energy and bi- polar radio frequency energy.

  1. The first step – treatment of pigmented and vascular changes. Pulsed light is emitted on the face skin and clearly takes off capillaries, pigmentation, sun spots and other skin irregularities.
  2. Step two – tightening the skin. Combining the effects of pulsed infrared light and bi- polar radio waves comes to the immediate contraction of existing collagen fibers, resulting in a visible skin tightening.
  3. Step three – wrinkle treatment. We stimulate the synthesis of new collagen – elastic structure by using fractionated radio waves and achieve continual improvement of the quality of the skin. Wrinkles are filled and the skin becomes tighten and smooth.

This revolutionary treatment involves a series of 3 to 5 sessions, which are repeated every four weeks.

TRINITI is innovative non-invasive method that provides immediate, visible and long lasting results.