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Lasersko uklanjanje ožiljaka

Scars remain on the skin as consequence of severe forms of acne and often are cause of frustration and discomfort.

Thanks to today’s latest technology, these irregularities can be corrected. The correction of acne scars, with less pain and twice shorter recovery time than before is conducted with the help of ELOS technology (integrated effect of optical energy and bipolar radio waves).

EstyleeStyle is a device that works on the principle of ELOS technology which emits controlled light energy to the skin. When it reaches the skin, light energy is transformed into thermal energy, which heats the tissue and stimulates the fibroblasts, basic cell in the dermis, to synthesis of collagen and elastin. Skin, creating new collagen, becomes firmer and more elastic and the scars are filled.

During the treatment the skin surface remains intact which accelerates the regeneration process.The treatment is conducted in a series of 3 to 5 treatments every 4-6 weeks. The first results are visible immediately after the treatment, when the skin is soft and smooth, but permanent, real results can be seen three months after the last series of treatments. The treatment is safe and effective and takes only 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the region to be treated.