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Condylomas Removal

Uklanjanje kondiloma

Condylomas are the wart grows in the anogenital region of the viral origin and are also known as genital warts. They are spread through sexual contact and affects both men and


Fibromas Removal

Uklanjanje fibroma

What are fibromas
Fibromas are benign growths of connective tissue, round or oval shape circumscribed by the surrounding tissue. Changes are frequent and slow growth is characteristic. They appear as a


Papillomas Removal

Uklanjanje papiloma

Removing papillomas
Papillomas are benign growths of skin color or pigmented, which is more common in obese persons on the neck, armpits, bikini area, area under the breasts and the abdomen.


Keratoses Removal

Uklanjanje keratoza

Seborrheic keratoses are benign changes which are brownish or brown and look like if they were glued to the skin, often look verrucous and have size from a few millimeters up


Wart Removal

Uklanjanje bradavica

Warts are benign lesions on the skin and mucous membrane which are caused by different types of human papilloma viruses. They appear in the form of common wart growths with rough


Lumio UV – Woods Lamp

Lumio UV –Woods Lamp

Lumio UV is a modern reincarnation of Woods Lamp.
This lamp emits longwave UV rays and is used in the examination of pigmented lesions of the skin, vitiligo, as well as