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Lip Augmentation

Povećanje usana


Lips and structures around them have a very important role in facial appearance. Small, thin and disproportionate lips can cause unattractive facial appearance. The most popular method of filling and correction of the lips is application of hyaluronic fillers.

Indications for application of hyaluronic fillers

  • filling in the lips
  • fixing contours and symmetry of the lips
  • refreshing edges of the lips
  • fine wrinkles around the mouth area

Hyaluronan is fiiler of a natural origin and not cause an allergic reaction. The procedure is minimally invasive and very simple, takes about 15 to 20 min, and the result is immediately visible. Modern fillers contain a local anesthetic, so the pain is minimal. After injections, usually there are any signs of irritation on the skin and only mild redness is present at the injection site, which disappears after a couple of hours and can be covered with makeup.

Durability of the results depends on the type and amount of preparation to be injected, injection techniques, and the metabolism of the organism. Usually, it is a period of 6 to 9 months, whereas with regular application of hyaluronic acid this period prolongs significantly.